Plan Preparation and Customization

Whether Secure One inherits your company's existing plan or sets up a new one, we will make sure that the plan is specifically tailored to you, your employees', and your company's needs.


We will prepare a comprehensive plan implementation package, which includes but is not limited to the:


  • Adoption Agreement
  • Notice to Interested Parties
  • Participant Beneficiary Designation and Enrollment forms
  • IRS Submittal Forms (optional)

Administrative Services

Secure One Pension provides ongoing retirement plan administrative services from start to finish, which includes but is not limited to:


  • Defining and determining key and highly compensated employees
  • Providing employees with individual account statements
  • Calculating vested benefits, maximum deductibles
  • Performing discrimination tests
  • Preparing 1099 forms

Consulting Services

Secure One Pension will analyze your company's key and non-key employees in ranges such as age, years of service, and compensation. We will consult with you, your accountant, and your financial planner to determine which type of plan and features will best meet your specific needs.